Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Celebrates Math with Geometiles!

We are proud that Geometiles is part of Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, a unique math event for kids at any ...
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Lefty or righty? A few words about chirality

Do you see anything unusual about this picture? These two boys are identical twins; but not just any twins: they ...
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Calculus in a Chair

What can a chair teach us about integral calculus? Quite a bit, if you have right chair. British designer Julian Mayor made ...
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Archimedes’ Earring

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea whether Archimedes wore earrings. However, I couldn't help but think of him ...
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Platonic Solids: Antiquity To Now

Shapes have fascinated humans since the beginning of time. The polyhedra, or solid shapes with flat polygonal faces, is one ...
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Summer Math Loss

Summer Math Loss – How to Fight It and Prepare for the Coming School Year

Ah, summer. For kids, it’s the greatest time of year. No school, no multiplication tables, no scheduled break times. Just ...
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Lemon Zest and the Surface Area of a Sphere

I was recently asked to bring a cake to a reception on very short notice. Luckily, I found this recipe for Olive ...
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Is Geometry the Unsung Hero of Mathematics Instruction?

“Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.”—Plato. There is a widening gap between the ...
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Geometiles at the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

Last week the first ever Julia Robinson Mathematics Festiva l was held in San Diego. What a great event celebrating ...
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3 common classroom challenges and suggestions for handling them

If you are going to coach a math club, it is likely that you will come across at least some of ...
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STEAM powered Math Club

I found out first hand how important art instruction is for teaching math from some of our math competitions. When there ...
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In the footsteps of Archimedes: celebrating Pi day

Nowadays, thanks to modern day computers, we have instant access to the approximation of π (the ratio of a circle's circumference ...
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