Hallowen Math: Glow in the Dark!


We are thrilled to announce that Geometiles, a multi-award winning set of interlocking tiles is getting a new look. We are launching a limited edition of Geometiles Glow in the Dark — just in time for Haloween, the first big holiday of the school year.



Click on each image for building instructions.

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of students’ enthusiasm and inject some spooky fun into math activities. Think of constructing stars and ghosts that shine or a pumpkin made of regular, orange Geometiles with glow-in-the-dark eyes.


Looking for Halloween Math and STEM Glow in the Dark Activities?


Light up your students’ imagination with these ideas from Geometiles.


Halloween Math: Glow in the Dark Spinners

Spinners are not only loved by kids but can be a great STEM learning tool as well. From studying spinning colors to probability, the possibilities are endless.

Spinner Halloween Math Glow in the Dark

Invite you students to create a spinner made of glow in the dark and regular Geometiles. Above is a spinner in regular light.

The same spinner in the dark.

Do you like out geometric spinners? Check out this activity book for more ideas.

Halloween Math: Glow in the Dark Cubes

Another fun shape to build for a Halloween Glow in the Dark Math activity.

A cube made of glow in the dark and regular Geometiles in regular light. Click here for building instruction.

The same cube in the dark.

Halloween Math: Geometric Jack-o’-lantern

In the spirit of Halloween, invite kids to create geometric jack-o’-lanterns. Introduce or discuss different shapes, like circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, pentagons. Discuss areas and find a way to count the number of polygons used to construct the solid. The solid is called a rhombicosidodecahedron, and here’s how you construct it with Geometiles.

Geometric Jack-o’-lanterns made of glow in the dark and regular Geometiles in regular light.

Geometric Jack-o’-lanterns in the dark.

Halloween STEM Activities: Glow in the Dark

1. After students complete their Glow in the Dark Math activities with Geometiles, invite them to find out the science of how the glow in the dark stuff works.

2. Experiment with different sources of light to see which are best absorbed by the phosphor. Ultraviolet light charges in the fastest time. Try direct sunlight, energy saving bulbs, and standard bulbs.

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