Art With a Mathematical Bent at the Japanese Friendship Garden

I recently had the honor of having my mathematical art exhibited in a non-mathematical setting for the first time. The ...
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Campanus’ Sphere

In these very uncertain times, I find it comforting to look at something eternal and classical. It’s even better if ...
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NYC Math festival 2020, online

This was the 5th time that the National Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) hosted its annual math festival. Last year, the ...
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Viral Geometry

For the past several months, our lives have been essentially ruled by a virus. As a result, virology is a ...
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For the LOVE of Math

This past Valentine's Day I decided to build a Geometiles version of Robert Indiana's iconic Love sculpture. I wanted to ...
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Joint Mathematics Meetings 2020, Denver, Colorado

Being an exhibitor at the Joint Mathematics Meetings gives one a unique perspective on the event. People stop by our ...
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The Right Rose

I recently participated in my first collaborative art project with Bjoern Muetzel, Ph.D.  We had so much fun working together ...
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Archimedean Billiards

Several months ago, Bjoern Muetzel, Ph.D., had the idea to glue plastic mirrors to the inside faces of a dodecahedron ...
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The Geometiles Moebius Strip

Have you ever made a Moebius strip? Simply take a strip of paper give it half a twist, and tape ...
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Kids explore math through Geometiles at the National Math Festival

On May 4, 2019, the biannual National Math Festival took place in Washington, D.C. I was fortunate to host a ...
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Mathpalooza Geometiles

Review by Zdenka Guadarrama, PhD, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Meet Zdenka Guadarrama, Ph.D., an associate professor and chair of the department of mathematics at the Rockhurst University in Kansas City, ...
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After school STEM

STEAM for after School Programs at SD County Office of Education

Geometiles had a wonderful time attending the STEMpower conference hosted by the Expanded Learning division of the San Diego County Office of Education on ...
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