The Geometiles Klein Bottle

Delighting mathematicians, artists, and children alike, the Klein Bottle is a whimsical and perplexing surface that was discovered by the German mathematician Felix Klein in late 19th century. While it is most frequently seen visiting our three dimensional world in the form below, its true home is 4 dimensional space; there it fits comfortably, without…
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Joint Mathematics Meetings 2020, Denver, Colorado

Being an exhibitor at the Joint Mathematics Meetings gives one a unique perspective on the event. People stop by our booth to chat, sometimes about math, or family, or just to catch up. The richness and breadth of topics discussed and connections made never ceases to surprise me. Neither does the range of ages of…
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Review by Zdenka Guadarrama, PhD, Associate Professor of Mathematics

Mathpalooza Geometiles

Meet Zdenka Guadarrama, Ph.D., an associate professor and chair of the department of mathematics at the Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri! She is passionate about mathematics education and outreach, with her work currently focusing on mathematics curriculum development through inquiry, and the intersections of mathematics with other fields, particularly the arts. Here’s her review of…
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