STEAM powered Math Club

I found out first hand how important art instruction is for teaching math from some of our math competitions. When there were problems involving cubes, such as counting their surface area or volume, the students’ ability to make a sketch in the high pressured environment of the competition came into play. It didn’t have  to be a…
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Math Club Materials: academic programs and competitions

Let’s say you do decide to hold competitions in your math club. What are your options? Much of this depends on the grade level of your students. I will describe our experience with the various competition programs in which we have engaged. We started our students in math competitions when they were in 4th grade….
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To compete or not to compete: that is the question

When I first became the coach of our math club, I was not sure if math competitions were a good idea. What if the students get the impression that learning math is just about competing? What if our sessions become just a bunch of competition drills? These and similar questions were in the back of my mind as I began coaching….
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