Lemon Zest and the Surface Area of a Sphere

I was recently asked to bring a cake to a reception on very short notice. Luckily, I found this recipe for Olive Oil Cake  by Marcella Hazan, for which I had all the ingredients. I had two small lemons left in the fridge, and I conveniently assumed that the zest of both of them will be equivalent to the “zest…
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3 common classroom challenges and suggestions for handling them

If you are going to coach a math club, it is likely that you will come across at least some of the following challenges: A classroom full of students at different levels, despite the fact that most students in the math club self-selected to be there Creating an atmosphere where students feel emotionally safe enough to participate…
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STEAM powered Math Club

I found out first hand how important art instruction is for teaching math from some of our math competitions. When there were problems involving cubes, such as counting their surface area or volume, the students’ ability to make a sketch in the high pressured environment of the competition came into play. It didn’t have  to be a…
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