Introducing Mobies!

This story started with our desire to expand the capability of the Geometiles® to make transformable hinged constructions. In particular, we were interested in making flexagons using the equilateral and square Geometiles tiles. Flexagons are polygons typically made of paper, which can be folded to expose certain faces and hide others. They were invented by…
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Lefty or righty? A few words about chirality

Do you see anything unusual about this picture? These two boys are identical twins; but not just any twins: they are mirror twins! That means that many of their features are mirror images of each other. What you can’t see in the picture is that one of the boys is a left-handed and the other…
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Calculus in a Chair

What can a chair teach us about integral calculus? Quite a bit, if you have right chair. British designer Julian Mayor made just such a chair: Mr. Mayor reckons the chair is much more comfortable than it looks; Igor (pictured sitting) certainly seems happy. Regardless of Igor’s comfort, the chair is a great illustration of what we mean…
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