Math Club Materials: recreational math

Whether you decide to hold competitions in your math club or not, recreational math materials are an important component of your program. If I had one word to describe the most important quality of these materials, it would be VARIETY. Mathematics is an incredibly broad subject, and often kids’ sense of what it encompasses is…
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To compete or not to compete: that is the question

When I first became the coach of our math club, I was not sure if math competitions were a good idea. What if the students get the impression that learning math is just about competing? What if our sessions become just a bunch of competition drills? These and similar questions were in the back of my mind as I began coaching….
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Here’s an idea: start a Math Club at your school!

Parents often ask me advice on how to expose their children to math concepts outside of what is being taught in schools. Some feel like their children are ready for an extra challenge, while others would like to spark and foster their children’s interest in math….
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