Math and Economics at the Farmers Market

There’s still nothing like experiencing math in the context of of simple cash purchases. I say “still” because of the plethora of available extra-curricular math resources like competitions, online programs, manipulatives, etc. In our age dominated by credit card and online purchases, many kids don’t have the opportunity to develop the skills of making simple arithmetic computations in real time while talking to people….
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An exercise in modeling a real life tile pattern

What a great exercise it would be for a child to figure out how to “model” this wall with only equilateral triangles and squares. This is exactly the kind of thinking that the writers of the Common Core Math standards illustrate in the draft of their Geometry Progression for Grades K-6, pp. 7, 11-12. Geometiles™ were used for the modeling task, as shown above….
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A Teachable Moment At The Top Of Filbert Street

As we huffed and puffed our way up the hill, we saw this sign. I thought this would be a good time to start talking about measuring angles with my incoming 4th grader. What would happen if the cars were parked at an angle of 180 degrees to the curb? What about 0 degrees? How many…
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