Recent and Upcoming Conferences

We’d love to meet you in person– or online!

The University of San Diego is hosting its 7th annual STEAM Youth and Community Conference on August 5th, 2023 from 10:00am-5:15pm. The goal is to bring students, families, educators and leaders together to provide new pathways for youth to ignite, develop and pursue their STEAM interests, while simultaneously elevating the STEAM literacy, awareness and nurturing potential of the community.

Add a little math to your summer! MoMath is pleased to present the 7th Annual NYC Math Festival on Saturday, July 15, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, providing a full day of math fun in the sun for all ages. Bring your friends and the entire family to Fosun Plaza at 28 Liberty St. and enjoy hands-on math exhibits, entertaining mathematical games, and intriguing puzzles and brainteasers.

Virtual keynote speaker at the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers (QAMT) annual conference. The physical conference takes place in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

22nd annual district wide STEAM activity that engages students from Middle and Junior High Schools in a friendly mathematically themed event. The focus of the event is on math games, challenging mental gymnastics, teamwork, technology, problem solving strategies, and accuracy. These are the characteristics that are essential to 21st Century skills.

Hosting booth at a STEAM Fair organized by the Valley Elementary Educational Foundation, Poway Unified School District, San Diego, California.

Leading a hands-on STEAM workshop jointly with MANA de San Diego. Workshop is part of the presentation by conference sponsor Qualcomm Black Inclusion Group.