Math Crafts

At the time of this writing, most of our activities have been severely curtailed due to the pandemic for the past 6 months. We feel that now is the best time to turn to crafts as a way to relieve stress, improve your fine motor skills, and maybe hone your artistic skills. Our specialty is math crafts, and we present to you here some of our favorite paper craft activities from sessions we led at online conferences.

This is a snapology origami icosahedron made of tetra paks. That’s right, those milk juice containers, and nothing else. These instructions explain how to transform the used box into strips. When you are ready to use the strips to make the icosahedron, see Dave Honda’s snapology origami instructions. Here is the presentation Dave Honda and I gave at the STEAM Youth and Community Conference 2020.

Here are the instructions for the paper spinner presented at the NYC Math Festival 2020 . This is the presentation .