Getting Started With Your 96-pc Set

Read this before you play!

Geometiles® fit together so precisely that taking apart a closed  structure can sometimes be challenging. Here is how to disassemble closed shapes: 

  • Hold the closed shape in one hand and a triangle with a sharp corner in your other hand.
  • Take the sharp corner of a triangle piece and slowly but steadily insert it straight into a ball and socket joint of the closed space, as shown in the picture above. DO NOT TWIST TO INSERT. Twisting will  not help—just gently push the triangular piece into the closed   shape in one direction.
  • The pointed wedge will expand the joint and pop it open. Once it pops open, you can disassemble the shape easily.

Snapping tiles together

Pick your favorite way

On a flat surface

In the air

At a 90 degree angle

Hint for creating complex shapes

When creating closed shapes, it is generally easier to completely assemble the “lid”, then close it, rather than close the lid before it’s fully assembled.

If you try to close the green lid before fully assembling it, that last green triangle may be difficult to snap in place.

Always complete the lid before closing the box.

Easy to close!