Recent and Upcoming Conferences

We’d love to meet you in person– or online!

Hosting booth at a STEAM Fair organized by the Valley Elementary Educational Foundation, Poway Unified School District, San Diego, California.

Invited virtual speaker at the Queensland Association of Mathematics Teachers (QAMT) annual conference. The physical conference takes place in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Leading a hands-on STEAM workshop jointly with MANA de San Diego. Workshop is part of the presentation by conference sponsor Qualcomm Black Inclusion Group.

The Joint Mathematics Meeting is the largest mathematics meeting in the world.

Learn about math circles, math competitions and recreational mathematics from nationally known math leaders and facilitators. Attend presentations and participate in Math Circle activities to learn about the available resources and understand what math circles are all about.

FUNDAPROMAT, the Panamanian organization for the promotion of mathematics, co-organizes webinars on a variety of mathematical topics with the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). The webinars are free and open to English speakers all over the world.