Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival Celebrates Math with Geometiles!

Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival

We are proud that Geometiles is part of Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, a unique math event for kids at any level – from those struggling with math to those who enjoy tackling challenging problems. Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival is a math festival movement of “locally organized events that inspire K through 12 students to think…
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Summer Math Loss – How to Fight It and Prepare for the Coming School Year

Summer Math Loss

Ah, summer. For kids, it’s the greatest time of year. No school, no multiplication tables, no scheduled break times. Just long, happy days in the sun. But what happens to children’s brains during that time of relaxation and fun? It’s a fact of life – during the summer months, young students will lose a certain…
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Is Geometry the Unsung Hero of Mathematics Instruction?


“Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.”—Plato. There is a widening gap between the effective teaching of geometry in elementary schools and the geometry skills students need in high school. Often, geometry tasks at the younger grades are limited to identifying shapes or labeling properties; in high school, students…
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