Geometiles at CMC-S Annual Mathematics Conference in Palm Springs!

The California Mathematics Council-South (CMC-S) 59th Annual Mathematics Conference was held on November 2-3, 2018 in Palm Springs, and Geometiles had a wonderful time there! It was great to talk with dozens of innovative, bright and caring teachers, see many of our current clients who successfully use Geometiles in their classrooms, and meet new colleagues….
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Exploring the Surface of an 11-holed Donut

At the 2018 Joint Mathematics Meetings Art Exhibition, David Honda won first prize for his construction “Dodecahedral 11-holed Torus.” The sculpture was made entirely of cardstock strips with no glue, but had the precision of something made on a 3D printer. The dodecahedral symmetry of the object was quite apparent, but the topological classification of…
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