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Welcome to Geometiles®

Math is all around us.  It is integral to our everyday lives, and it envelops all we do – from architecture to buying groceries.  But sometimes math gets a bad reputation. For some, it conjures up dreadful images of school days struggling over proofs and equations, and for others, it seems so beyond understanding that it’s difficult to think about it.

Geometiles® makes exploring math accessible for everybody.  A versatile set of interlocking tiles, Geometiles® supports math exploration for students, parents, teachers and those who are just curious. The purchase of a full 96-piece set of Geometiles® gives you lifetime membership to a valuable resource library filled with downloadable workbooks, instruction manuals, lesson plans and hundreds problems. The library enables you to quickly incorporate Geometiles® into your math instruction or working with your children at home.

Whether you are a parent, teacher, or kid, Geometiles® provides hours of fun activities and learning opportunities no matter what level of math interests you. Designed by a math Ph.D., teacher and mother, Yana Mohanty, Geometiles® can cater to everyone from first graders to adults.  Made in America using the highest quality materials, Geometiles® provides outstanding value for challenging learning and educational activities.  Enjoy the discovery!

Meet the Pieces


Geometiles activities helped my students with persistence, creativity, conceptualization, communication, spatial awareness, group work, geometry, and problem solving.

Alyson Bingham

5th Grade Teacher, Hayward Unified School District

I have been using them with my kindergarten class both last year and this year.  They can snap the tiles together with great success to make both 2 and 3 dimensional shapes.  Even my students with poor motor skills are able to use them.  I think they are awesome!

Rosanne S.

Kindergarten Teacher, Santee School District

I’m a mother of 2 boys, ages 10 and 13. Like a lot of other boys their age, they both like to spend free time watching YouTube and engaging with devices, so it’s harder and harder to capture their attention with anything that isn’t electronic. I wasn’t sure how they would react to Geometiles, but from the moment we opened the box, they were not only absorbed in playing with and assembling the interlocking pieces, but they ended up building structures that completely amazed me with their complexity and scale. Their results were far more interesting that mine! The tiles are well made and satisfyingly stable once joined together. The structures can be displayed as models or disassembled to store flat for another creative session. I highly recommend them.

Jody Warren

Graphic Designer, Seattle, Washington

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